Thursday, August 2, 2012


C: Hey mom, do you member lasterday when we colored pictures?
Me: Lasterday?
C: Yes, lasterday? You member?
Me: I member. (he,he,he...lasterday?!?!)

C: Mommy, can we talk? (as we get ready for bed)
Me: Sure buddy, what's up?
C: Don't you want me to have a baby sister?
Me: Of course, but where will we get one?
C: Let's get alot of money and go to the baby store, then we can buy a bunch of baby sisters.
Me: Ummm, ok.

Me: Cowabunga!
C: Horse Abunga!

***It actually took me a minute to understand what he meant. He is so literal...such my child. He heard 'cow' - 'abunga' (two words), so his answer was (an animal) 'horse' - 'abunga'. Hilarious. Then he came at me with this little gem...

C: Funny Clown Car Abunga!
Me: hahahahahaha!!!!

The other say we went to get haircuts, but Cristian's stylist had a wait. We added his name to the list and then left to run next door to HEB. The minute we got out the door Cristian was all in a huff..

C: Mom, I need a haircut. We can't leave!
Me: No worries, baby, we are going to come back. We put your name on the list.
C: Good because my hair is furry.

He is really growing up, he even let Carla use the clippers around his ears. He has always been pretty annoyed at haircuts, but this time he sat so still and didn't even need me so much.

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