Thursday, November 8, 2007

First Appointment

Yesterday was my first prenatal appointment. Dr. Sutton was great. We talked about pre-screening the baby for any problems and I decided he is is better to know that not. Dr. Sutton was so supportive during my pregnancy with Philip and he is really happy for us with this baby. He wants to be cautious, so I will go back in 3 weeks, on Carlos' birthday (Nov. 28th), to have a sonogram and another appointment. He would also like for me to go back to the specialist for a level 2 sonogram early on. Although I would prefer to see a different specialist, I will see the same one for now. She who shall remain nameless (the specialist without a soul) was a big disappointment during Philip's birth and I really don't want my insurance paying someone whom I deem unworthy of my business. Carlos and I decided we will go to her for the level 2, in hopes that we will only need that one visit to determine that our baby is indeed healthy and lookin' good. However, if our baby needs any special care for the long term, I will transfer my records to a new specialist. So I am feeling quite positive today. I will go by the pharmacy this afternoon and pick up my prenatal vitamins. With Philip, they dehydrated me, so I will try them again this time and play it by ear. I forgot how easy it is to be optimistic, all I have to do is make it 3 weeks to my next appointment. If I think in that time frame, I will succeed (and not drive my self crazy). Oh, my due date is June 28th. A summer baby...just like my mom, Steve, Belle, and my friend Lisa. So, now I will be counting the days until I get to see the baby on the screen and the thump thump of his heart (we are hoping for another boy, although healthy is our main want).

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