Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Date, New Time, Same Place

I guess someone was taking pity on me today because my doctor called to reschedule my day sooner! Yippee, 24 less hours Cristian can continue kicking the air out of me! Just kidding! We have rescheduled for Tuesday, June 17th at 9am. That gives me a little extra time to sleep in the morning, so that's good...even though I don't really anticipate sleeping on Monday night. In addition to just being uncomfortable, I think I might be just a bit too excited and nervous to sleep. So, after I got the call I spent the afternoon on a cloud. I only have three more days of work before 8 weeks away! This time next week, I'll be holding my boy!

BTW- Carlos starts his new job tomorrow...well, his second job. He is going to wait tables at Pappasitos! I am so excited for him. In addition to just bringing in some extra money, I think it will give him something to do that is right up his alley. He is such a people person, his day job just doesn't give him an outlet for that. I think he is going to do great! He gets to be out and about and making money all at the same time! Yeah!


Anonymous said...


Soon you will be holding your baby boy. Wouldn't it be cool if he decides he wants to come 6-16-08..Monday!!!! I'm so happy for you and Carlos. It is a good time for our family.....a new member....
Love to you all,
Aunt Ellen

Lani said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see the little guy!